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What is WeiLiYu?

WeiLiYu (喂鯉魚) is a freely available pinyin/Chinese character learning game. The name means "feed the koi", which is the object of the game. Playing this game will improve your pinyin and Chinese reading skills. Click here to learn how to play WeiLiYu.

If some koi do not get fed, up to ten of the characters that you missed most frequently will be shown to you at the end with their correct pinyin for you to study before playing the game again.

The character library selection is limited at the moment, but you can very easily make your own character libraries for WeiLiYu! It's simple - each .wly file is just a text file.

Have fun, learn Chinese!

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System Requirements

  • OS: Windows/Mac/Linux/anything with Java SE 1.4 installed (yay)
  • Memory: At least 32 meg of RAM, less than 20 meg of disk space.
  • CPU: Anything above 400 MHz (which is everything nowadays) should be fine. The slowest machine this was tested on was an old 533 MHz intel celeron based machine, and WeiLiYu ran quite well.
  • Screen size: WeiLiYu's window is 800x600 pixels. Your window manager or OS will add decorations to the window, so your screen must be bigger than this. Future versions of WeiLiYu may allow for a screen of exactly 800x600

(Essentially, any computer made in the last 10 years or so should work wonderfully)

Software and Graphics Licenses

The software for this game (including graphics) is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The graphics on this site are under copyright and may not be redistributed without permission from the author (Mike Jumper) unless for educational purposes. Character libraries (.wly files) on this site are in public domain.

Contact / Comments

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